Thursday, June 17, 2010

Angel of Mercy

This is an entry from a book called "Together Every Day" by Fr. Youhanna Baqy for June 17th:
A certain youth was afflicted by illnesses in his leg and the doctors had to amputate it. He regained consciousness after the surgery, and they moved him to a room with another patient, Malak, whose leg was also recently amputated.
The youth was shocked to see that his leg has been amputated, and he began to cry and scream with great sadness. Everyone around him tried to calm him, but failed.

Suddenly, everyone found Malak getting out of bed and putting on his mechanical leg, which he was not yet supposed to wear. He began to dance around the room and clap. Everyone in the room stood around him and started clapping for him. Even the youth who was screaming calmed down, smiled, and even joined the rest in clapping for Malak. And in this way, joy entered his heart.

Malak returned to his bed and asked for the doctors, who rushed to him to treat his amputated leg. It was bleeding profusely because he was not supposed to wear the mechanical leg for another long while. He made this sacrifice to show his roommate that he is able to do anything although his leg is amputated.

The story was followed by this contemplation:
You must forget yourself in order to feel for those around you; and in order to forget yourself, you must be reassured about it. This is not possible unless you believe that God is able to protect you, fill you, and care for you.

Remember God's love for you and how he sacrificed His life for you on the cross. Then, you will care about those who labor and those who are upset, and will be able to answer their requests when they ask for your help. But if they are embarrassed to ask for your help, then give them even more attention than you would if they had asked. And if helping them necessitates a sacrifice that's within your ability, do not hold back from them. And if the sacrifice is big, ask for God's support. If your heart moves you to give, do not resist or worry because giving from one's necessity and offering big sacrifices are of great value before God.