Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love Story

I rediscovered this song this week and remembered how much I liked it, so I decided to share it and include a translation of the words. Enjoy!

[Words before the song:
God loved mankind and created him in paradise to enjoy, and gave him authority over all creatures. But man, by his own will, broke the commandment. So he fell, got lost and strayed.]

1. After I strayed away from my God,
I struggled and labored
My state has become of weakness and fear,
And my fate is in Satan's hands

Lord, I'm crying to You
I'm raising my hands and calling You
Save me, Savior
Save me, Omnipotent

[Between singing:
But God did not leave man in his loss; He gave him the promise of salvation. And all generations longed to see the Savior.]

2. In the fulfillment of time
Suddenly the Beloved came
Saved me with mercy and justice
And died on the cross


[Between singing:
And came the awaited moment that shook Satan's throne; the moment of salvation; the Savior died on the cross. Here, appears the greatest love story.]

3. Amidst the darkness of the universe,
Screaming and painful sadness
My God tasted death
And returned me from Hades


[Between singing:
And although God saved me from my enslavement to Satan, I strayed again in the path of sin. My Lord, You know how much I've strayed and became enslaved to sin. My heart says to You...]

4. I need to return to You
For my life is in Your hands
Like a thirsty ground
My soul longs for You


[Between singing:
God love you, yes YOU! He awaits a word from your heart in order to save you. Raise your heart to Him now; do not delay. Cry out to Him now... now!]